Meet Your Characters

character lola


Lola is charming, calm and loving. She is also caring and thoughtful. Even though she is a bit timid, no one gets to mess with her. In whatever she does, she strives for excellence.



Kobe is a super energetic boy who loves adventures. He is always dreaming of the next cool thing to embark on. Kobe is very playful and curious. Although he can be a bit headstrong, he is always fun to be with.



This is one crazy villain who is mean to the core. Zoofar was once good but turned evil because he felt he was being taken for granted. He seeks to obtain a mystical object in order to rule the world.



She is a super powerful angel as she ranks high among the League of Angels in her kingdom. Daneen is a top guardian angel in the world of humans. She has a unicorn which has powers as well and possesses a mystical ring.



Susu is a true hero - strong, fearless and courageous. Susu is a respected lioness in her kingdom. She has overcome many battles and is considered a worthy ruler of her kingdom. She is a great sage.



He is the tech genius in the land of robots. Disky loves creating robots and amazing robotic suits. He is calm and calculated. His ability to hold knowledge is infinte. Disky can also do the robot dance.



He is very thoughtful. Splotter leads all machines and defends the land of robots. He is also a great planner. Splotter can twist and rotate any part of his body. He is smart and has super strength.



He is definitely a foodie. Humour and charm are his trademarks. Chew-choi loves life. You can never have a dull moment when with him. He has some great abilities up his sleeves well.



He is a cunning Capuchin monkey who loves all things that sparkle. Please hide your blings when you see him. He is however witty and full of wisdom. He is a guardian helper.

Kishi & Zaza

They are the adorable cubs of Susu. Kishi likes to ask lots of questions. Zaza, on the other hand, likes to explore first. They both love to have fun and are very curious.

The Voice

This is the mystical unseen character that seems to see and know all things. Not much is known about The Voice. The Voice is seen as a guide and provides help whenever the need arises.

Locked Characters

There are 5 more characters in the series yet to be unveiled. They possess super amazing powers. Can you guess what their powers are like?